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 Rules Admins are Required to Follow!

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PostSubject: Rules Admins are Required to Follow!   Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:57 pm

1. You shall not abuse your admin powers.

2. You will have to be active in the forums.

3. You are required to reply to a ban dispute blamed on you.

4. You can only change the map after using amx_votemap command.

5. Admins are required to use only one nick.

6. You shall treat players with respect and always act friendly to them.

7. You shall not recruit members for other clans, advertise or spam.

8.You can only use the amx_banip command for HACKERS ONLY!.. Nothing else..

9. Mic/Spam should be warned, Only kick if they do not listen.. If that don't stop the problem then amx_banip for 30 min..

10. Any sort of acts that will disrupt our community, and/or environment will be taken seriously.

If you avoid the rules above, we have the right to take your admin away and there is no refunds.
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Rules Admins are Required to Follow!
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